Level Designer | 2D Environmental Artist

Don’t Take Ma Home! is a 2D side-view co-op action platformer, where 1-4 players take the role of squirrels trying to save their trees from the Industrial Machinery. 
Players cooperate trying to use the items and the environment to try and keep their trees standing against the unyielding waves of machine-based enemies. Each tree has its own resources, in the shape of nuts, berries and stations, making sure players have difficult decisions on their hands.


Working as Level Designer for a 2D Side Scrolling game, The main challenge i approached was creating a layout that both suited the player but not make the overall game play too easy to win. Using the created assets that i made as an Environmental Artist i was able to create the world and layout that challenged the players in a correct way. 

The canons placed on the tree are used to deal an Area of Effect(AoE) damage to the mobs of bees coming towards the players as well as served as the only way to deal damage to the final boss, The Mechanical Bear. Helping the player identify the hit zone of the canons i placing unique bushes on the ground where the bullet will land throughout the game to support the players in successful completing the game


  • Concept layout of the tree base as well as identify choke points of the game

  • Balanced the placements of the canons on each tree as well as the amount of bullets and health each trees drop 

  • Worked along side with the programmers to understand their scripts to use later on my own 


Working as a 2D Environmental Artist for this project was a great learning experience as this would be my first time using Photoshop for a project this scaled. Not knowing how to approach this new role, i looked for support from other artist in the class that taught me useful tips in creating 2D assets. 

Going for a multi layer parallax approach, this really helped bring depth to the game and made it more appealing to the players. 

Not only did i work on environmental art, i also helped supported the Character Artist in concepting the player and enemy character as well as other draws to help spark ideas. 


  • Concept and design the overall game world 

  • collaborated with the Character Artist with concepting characters and enemies as well as combine art style 

  • Created and animated 4 unique player tree base that consist of multiple pieces that would be used to break down when destroyed


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