Level Designer | 2D Environmental Artist

Don’t Take Ma Home! is a 2D side-view co-op action platformer, where 1-4 players take the role of squirrels trying to save their trees from the Industrial Machinery. 
Players cooperate trying to use the items and the environment to try and keep their trees standing against the unyielding waves of machine-based enemies. Each tree has its own resources, in the shape of nuts, berries and stations, making sure players have difficult decisions on their hands.


Supporting the creation of Dont Take Ma Home ! it was very important to have the concept of both environment assets and level layout to harmonize the game play.


- Support in character and boss design 

- White box level layout used to gather asset list need for game play

- Collaborated with teammates to iterate on ideas 


During production of the project, communicating with the team in making sure the level layout is correct with the vision of the project. Nearing the end of project, having the time to polish on both art and level design gave more player feedback. Helping the player progress through the level and giving the game more personality. 


- Replace placeholder with final art asset

- Play test to iterate on feedback 

- Animate 4 ideal tree sway 

- Animate 4 unique tress damage 

- Animated 4 unique collapsing trees 

- Created assets to help guide players through the level


A cut feature: Concept idea of the weapon used by the player