Scouts' Oath

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Scouts' Oath is a 3D 3rd person action platformer where you play as a boy scout name Clifford who must enter a burning tree house to rescue his trapped friends. 

Scouts' Oath was made in Unity with a team of 6 including 4 sound designers and 5 voice actors in a course of 4 month.

In this project I was the Project Manager, VFX and Supporting Artist.


Project Manager

During pre-production, proper documentation was needed in order for us to really understand the game we were about to make. Creating Game Design Document, Art Bible and Technical Design Document helped the team to understand and breakdown the game before we entered production. Because we had class going on the same time as pre-prduction, splitting off the documents to members of the team helped ensure the completion of the document and also helped inform the other members more efficiently

Pre Production

As everyone were in different areas of documentation. I oversaw the entire documentation process. This included contributing in every document,reviewing any updates, ensuring its staying within the pillars and core vision of the game.

Making sure the team was prepared to enter Production, breaking down each members task and assigning it an estimate date helped better understand the timeline of the this project. Using excel, structuring a spread sheet and lining them up to the milestone dates I can identity the scope of the project and help structure and better workflow.